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February 14, 2005


Jean Goldstrom

You're from Pittsburgh? I should have known, a great writer like you. (I'm from Pittsburgh, too -- but the other side (Knoxville, on the hill above South Side.) That is surely the secret ingredient of your success. That, and the ability to write a great novel like "Here, Eyeball This!"
May "Eyeball" sell a zillion, and hit the NYT best-seller list!
- Jean

Jean Goldstrom

Dear David; Hello! I am so delighted to see you have gone on with "Here, Eyeball This!" I thought, and still think, it is a wonderful novel. I did not have quite the right audience for it at Whortleberry, nor the resources to give it the promotion it deserves. I am happy that you have found a paperback publisher which will give this outstanding novel the chance it deserves to find its readership. If you don't mind, I'd love to have your email address so I can put you on the "Whortleaves" mailing list, as you once were, so you can again receive updates on what is going on at dear ol' WhP. Meantime, best wishes for the continued success of "Here, Eyeball This." I hope you have written, or are writing, or will be writing additional novels. You have the ability.
Sincere best wishes,
-- Jean Goldstrom (

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